Thursday, May 26, 2011

340 Days

If I don't start writing stuff down, I'll forget it.

Only 340 days left in Germany. LESS than a year. After spending 3 years here, it feels good to say that. Hopefully the next 340 days go by just as fast.

Kiddie accomplishments:

Cylus is 8 months and is crawling everywhere and loves it when I help him stand. He likes to play with anything that's not his and throws toddler size hits when he's told 'no'. Can't wait until he's two. Ha.

Lilly is 2 1/2 and loves Dora, art, monsters. She loves making Dora style maps and going on Monster hunts. She can draw circles, can count to 15 forward and 10-1 backward. AND she never sits still.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cylus Tate

Cylus Tate was born 9-19, making his entrance two weeks early. He had an eventful first month, with surgery and recovery but is now doing well. :) He was 6.10 and 19 inches and as of 1/20 he is weighing in at 14.6 and 26 inches long.