Saturday, August 2, 2008

16 Week Ultrasound Pics (Old)

I was supposed to have an ultrasound done at my last appointment butthey scheduled it wrong so I have yet to have a medical ultrasound done. I have had a non medical ultrasound done at Fetal Fotos.. They said it was a girl so Im hoping it didnt grow boy parts and Ryans hoping it did.

I have so far gained 10 pounds and am over halfway through! YAY!.. well Yay in a terrified way.

Here are some ultrasound pics from the 16 week Fetal Fotos session.

1) She has her arms accross her face trying to hide.. I don't think she liked getting poked with the wand too mch.

2) The 3D is kinda weird to look at since theres not much of her there yet.. But Her head is on the right hand side and she has her arms up next to her head.. you cant really see the legs in these because the camera angle is too close. The "mohawk" is the soft spot.

3) is Alien Baby.. a front shot of the face and 4) is the side profile of the whole baby.
I will post another update after the ultrasound on the 5th